A professional in our corner
Mark was straight forward and understanding of our position. He listened to our wishes and provided guidance by explaining that some things we desired would be out of the scope of this particular encounter in the court house. His integrity during this exercise was unparalleled and was evident in the courtroom proceedings and his interaction among the court personnel. Mark's tact in the courtroom was outstanding and while not belittling our opponent he provided the proper amount of force to prove our points and prevail in our case. He was the answer to our prayers

Best Attorney Ever !
Mark is a tremendous lawyer, he was very understanding, compassionate and helpful to me and my family for which i am forever grateful. He listened to our wishes and helped us with all of our issues. I highly recomend Mark, he is the best lawyer ever !


The BEST Matrimonial Attorney!
This was the best money I ever spent. I had non-marital assets to protect and Mark knew how to finesse the situation at every turn to make sure they were "off the table". It was obvious that he is well-respected by his peers, judges and mediators. He demonstrated nothing but the highest ethical standards throughout the process and has true empathy for his clients. He is great at reading people and sizing them up. He helps you stay objective and focused at a time when it is very easy to get lost in a very emotional process. If you need to hire a divorce lawyer, hire Mark before the other side gets him first!


Excellent Results
Mark was a great lawyer and I'm very glad I retained him. He had my best interest in mind all the way and fought for mine/my son's rights during my custody battle. He was a fantastic negotiator when it was necessary, fair but strong. He also was mindful on the cost involved in a legal suit and didn't try to drag out the process where it wasn't absolutely necessary.
Mark was referred to me by a close friend whom he has represented the past 10 years. I would in-turn recommend Mark to any one of my close friends or family who needed a trusted resource to fight for their rights.


Mark Williamson is a highly skilled yet compassionate family law attorney. He gives his clients 110 percent.
Mark Williamson is an attorney with integrity and complete dedication to his clients. He makes certain he understands his client's situation then takes swift and aggressive action on behalf of his client. He is professional, creative, possesses a deep understanding of the law, communicates effectively and frequently, listens, and guides his client through a most painful and stressful period. I felt protected during my entire divorce process, and Mark earned my complete trust. He is highly respected in his field, and that respect is well earned.


Excellent lawyer in the Dallas area
I was hesitant at first but this was some of the best money I have ever spent. Mark is an excellent attorney and I can’t say enough about his paralegal Monica. At our first meeting Mark actually told me that my case was not difficult and that I would probably do fine with a less experienced and possibly less expensive attorney. Wow, an attorney looking out for by best interest before I even hired him! I hired him anyway and so glad I did. My case did not involve any children but did involve three businesses and let’s just says some financial and emotional challenges. Mark was excellent in making sure things were kept in perspective and that certain things were keep out of the negotiations. From our first introduction through the conclusion of my case, Mark listened and guided me thru the entire process. It was obvious that once we got to court he was well respected. He is very tough when it is time to be tough, but calm when the emotions get high. Monica, his paralegal, is awesome. She keeps things well organized during all the chaos. She continued to remind me to try and keep my emotions out of it (which was difficult at times) and just focus on the tasks at hand. The team was worth every penny.


Mark is helpful, optimistic, and also a realist. He was able to take all of the available information and boil it down to a simple, effective strategy. His real strong suit is knowing when to be aggressive with his opponent and when to be deferential and humble-- when to kill them with kindness. All of it is calculated to get the best possible outcome.

Excellence and integrity above all
Mark did an excellent job with my case along with Monica. They were both focused on the matters that were important rather than the petty stuff the opposing counsel and my ex were concentrating on. Mark's experience was very evident during mediation as he focused on the one thing I wanted which was a 50/50 custody. Throughout the entire process, I never felt alone because I knew that Mark and Monica had my child's best interest at heart. I hope that I don't have to use an attorney again, but if I do, Mark will be first person I will call for assistance.


ROAR - Katy Perry Style
Mark became my attorney last January! I was weak and meek! He was caring and humble. As Mark and Monica's research began to reveal divorce untruths, they were both blatenly honest, firm, but respectful of the hurt being endured! A memory that has stayed with me is, awhile we were waiting to go to court and he was negotiating with the other side, he somehow read my nervousness and said " Can I see you a minute" (I had my best friends with me) I stepped aside and he looked straight into my eyes and made me look at him and said "Don't look over there! Youre strong and I've got this!" At that moment I got my "Roar" back, Katy Perry Style. Didn't have to step into court! Negotiation went our way! Of course it did!! Through this unfortunate process, Mark & Monica have continued to help me move forward with the same passion & confidence that they have for their work and I have for them!


Simply the Best in the Metroplex, if not the State!
I'll make it simple. Mark Rush Williamson along with Monica Ofcharik are hands-down the best legal team for family/divorce law in the metroplex, if not the state. Once I gave them my documentation, they told me to let them handle it, and "handle it" they did! Mark's brilliant legal strategy and Monica's expert observation/implementation of details were worth far more than I can even express. To have such upstanding, moral, respected, formidable representation was a wonder and a blessing. Please, Please do not look any further than Mark Rush Williamson. It will change your life!


Great Job for making Divorce go smooth and painless
Always contacted me quickly. Kept me up to date on the strategy. Very patient. Good outcomes


Best Lawyer in town
Although I didn't want this divorce, Mark protected me all the way.I walked away with our business our commercial property and both houses. Mark and Monica are a force to be reckoned with!


Excellent Legal Reprensetation
Went through the worst divorce in history! Thank God I hired an amazing attorney to protect me and my children. Mark and his legal assistant Monica O. kept me informed every step of the way. Thanks to Mark's outstanding representation, I was granted everything that I had hoped for! Mark Williamson you are the BEST!!!! Thank You!!!!!

Total Bad Ass!
When going to battle, Mark is not only prepared for trial; he's prepared to win. He single handedly cut the opposing counsel team's achilles heals all while maintaining a sense of calm and whispering words of encouragement throughout my day in court. If you are facing the beasts in the arena, Mark is who you want to be tethered with. His skills, experience and quiver are loaded with sharpened weapons with one objective. Victory.

My ex-husband hated Mark Williamson, need I say anything more?
While my ex-husband and his series of 4 attorneys fabricated malicious personal attacks against me, Mark never chose to take their bait or behave like that. With a laser focus on only the issues that matter in family law, he calmly but relentlessly cross examined my ex until he had extracted the information that benefited me and exposed my ex for the deceiver that he is. My ex, a testifying expert who makes his living in a court room setting, went from self-assured cockiness to a slouching mass of wimpers after several hours of questions from Mark.
In court I always had a sense that Mark and Monica were well respected by their peers and the judges. Monica had a patience beyond understanding along with her excellent legal skills. It was difficult not to vent my frustrations about my ex and the legal process without Monica getting caught in my rant. I spent a lot of time apologizing; she spent a lot of time forgiving me. (I hope she forgives me.)
In the worst chapter of my life, they were both there to encourage and assure me that I would be alright, that I would survive. It was a tough journey and I never felt I had chosen unwisely.
For my divorce I interviewed only Mark, who was recommended to me by my family practice doctor, and have never looked back.

Highly Recommended!
Mark is great! He is knowledgeable and gives matters the urgency they deserve. Extremely fair, too. I would recommend Mark without hesitation.

Mark Williamson - Top of the line!
Mr. Williamson was highly recommended to me by a friend who I known for many years. My friend and I go long ways into the past and have referred many people to each other.
But in this case Mark Williamson exceeded my friend's recommendation and my expectation as well. My legal quandary was beyond grave and representing a life change event.
Mark Williamson has been a great help in my case going beyond the call of duty. Mark Williamson is responsive, knowledgeable, always in touch and always reachable. He has always reassured me with great support and personal involvement by getting to know my needs and attending to them diligently.
His practice methods and the carrying of the case are excellent, clean, transparent and with no false expectations.
I would for sure recommend Mr. Williamson to anyone in case of distress.

Miguel C.

Texas Super Lawyer!!
Mark is the best of the best. When he gets into "trial mode" you almost feel sorry for the other side because they don't stand a chance against his no holds barred approach.
Mark handled our custody case with skill, professionalism and compassion. He seemed truly concerned for the safety of our child and got us more than what we could have hoped for.
I've recommended Mark to family and friends and they too have been beyond happy with the results Mark Williamson has achieved for them. He and his staff were always there when we needed them, whether it was to answer questions, explain the upcoming process or just to reassure us.
If I ever need an attorney for a family matter again, Mark Williamson will be the first call I make.

A True Professional
I was told to get a barracuda lawyer to help me with my divorce. Mark is a very thorough and professional lawyer. I felt he had great integrity and was well respected among his peers. I was always well informed and felt totally secure and confident in his leadership and abilities. Not once did I lose my joy or peace throughout the whole divorce process as I knew Mark was procifient and skilled in my interest. I had the Lord on my side too...so hey...how could I lose having God on my side and one of the best lawyers in Texas. Aside from the exorbitant attorney fees, which I was not prepared for, I am most satisfied with Mark Williamson and would recommend him to anyone who needs outstanding representation in the court system of Texas.

A True Blessing From God!! Best Attorney Ever!!
Mr. Williamson went over and beyond for my son and I. I will forever be greatful because of him I have my son back and my family and I have a peace of mind. I truly believe God sent him and his paralegal Monica to our family.. Thank u for everything.


Professional and sound advice
Mark has been a neighbor for many years and I have always known what he does for a living. I always thought to myself, I hope we never have to do business together. As fate would have it, when I was in the need for a family lawyer I went to Mark Williamson for advice. He had a professional conflict of interest and could not take me on as aa client but he personally saw to it that I had the best person for the job by recommending other counsel He went the second mile by repeated follow ups to ensure that things were being handled properly.
I am now remarried and have recently used him in the preparation of marital agreement. He gave us a thorough review of all of the things to consider and has executed this agreement with the highest level of competence and integrity. Mark always has his clients best interest in mind and has the knowledge and experience to get you the results you are looking for. I highly recommend him.

No one better!!
Mr. Williamson has represented me in a child custody case involving my then 9 year old son in 2000 and false charges made by my ex-wife in 2002. Mark (Mr. Williamson) was outstanding in both, more than I expected, very professional with the “killer” instinct.
Mark won both cases for me.
I had dealt with several attorneys before meeting Mark in 2000 and only wish I would have met him earlier.
I highly recommend Mark for any type of legal representation.
I will never be able to thank Mark enough for getting custody of my son and clearing my name from false statements made.
Mark is representing me in a third legal situation which will be resolved shortly and I’m happy to say Mark has made sure all that I asked for, I am getting.


Child Custody Case
Mark is an intelligent and highly skilled attorney. He is personable and adept at calming nerves. My only criticism of Mark is that he is difficult to reach and isn't responsive. However, when he does get back to you he is informed and prepared to take as long as necessary to answer all of your questions.

Absolutely first-class Attorney
Mark is handling my child custody case for me. In a situation that was absolutely horrible, he was the one thing I never had to worry about. He is honest, direct, and to the point. He advised me as to the best course of action to resolve my situation and I can say that everything to date has worked out exactly the way he said it would. I never had to ride him for responses or worry that something wouldn't get handled or wouldn't get handled correctly.
His staff is friendly and responsive as well, and I never had to fish for answers with them either, and always received a call back the same day whenever I had any questions.
God forbid I ever need an attorney again, but if I do, without question I'll be headed back to Mark to get my issues taken care of!


If you want an assertive attorney, Mark is the way to go!!!
Mark Williamson is the best family law attorney I have ever encountered. I have previously worked with two other attorneys regarding my divorce and custody issues. My divorce had been dragged out for a period of two and a half years prior to hiring Mark. In two months Mark was able to complete my divorce and terminate the parental rights of a very violent person. I am so very thankful that Mark was willing to take on my complicated case. He was always very prompt to return phone calls and e-mails. Not only was he prompt but I always immediately received a copy of all documents pertaining to my case. He is extremely knowledgeable, very empathetic and understanding. Mark is a very aggressive attorney who will fight for his clients.

Erika R

Effective and compassionate
My spouse had ceased to send child support payments after moving out of state. Attorney Williamson got him served and in court, and recovered the money and got the payments resumed that I need to raise the children He was excellent, and the opposing attorney looked like a bumbler compared to him. I would recommend him without hesitation.


I highly recommend Mr. Williamson . Not only is he well qualified for any case he is given. He is understanding, and more importantly understands the emotional feelings that come with any law suit. When I met Mr. Williamson, I had been in a custody case for 14 months. Not only did Mr. Williamson take my case in front of a jury, HE won my case. After 2 long, and very stressful years, I walked out of court with SOLE CUSTODY of my son. I simply could not have asked for a more dedicated attorney. He always put my needs first and never lead me to believe in false hopes. In the court room, Mr. Williamson knows how to present facts and the truth. He is very professional, but, if he needs to get tough, he CAN and he WILL! Again, in my opinion there is no one better then Mr. Williamson! Also, his staff was wonderful and very helpful with any of my questions/concerns.

Reeni W.

Everything you need in an attorney
Mark was patient and poised throughout my entire ordeal. He was someone I could just "trust to take care of things" when all I wanted to do was relax and focus on my family and work without having to worry about the lawsuit.
He was extremely knowledgeable would think several steps ahead to stay ahead of the other council. He is incredibly knowledgeable of the judges, and what the judges want and expect.
His staff was incredibly helpful and friendly, kind and compassionate. His paralegal Shirley is smart and extremely quick to return calls when Mark was out of pocket.
Mark is someone you want on your side and a formidable opponent for opposing attorneys.


Top of the Line!!
I was referred by a client of Mark's and am so very greatful! Mark was everything and more than expected. Mark is very respectful and kind. His integrity and honesty is evident when your first meet him. While we were at the courthouse he was very popular among his peers.I was so proud to have Mark on my side.He fought for me in a very difficult situation and I could not believe how fortunate I was at the time. truly a great man and lawyer. Our first meeting I was so impressed my instincts said to grab him before I left his office.


Mark and his staff did a great job!
Throughout this very stressful time, Mark and his staff were able to keep me informed and educated on every step in the process. I always felt like I was in control of my case. Along the way there were twists and turns and changes of direction, and Mark was always patient and understanding and led me without pushing. As a nonlawyer I needed to be informed of things and have things explained in a way that I would understand. I always had that with Mark and his staff. I would recommend Mark to anyone who needed a compassionate and caring, yet tough and tenacious lawyer.

Excellent Attorney
We have used Mark three times for several cases. Mark is an upstanding, excellent attorney who works extremely hard for his clients. Mark is intelligent and extremely knowledgeable of the law.

Mark Williamson is an outstanding attorney and individual.
I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Mark on two occasions in the past year. He and his office staff are superb. They returned my calls and emails promptly, kept me informed of changes significant events with the case, but were always excellent stewards of the costs associated with such contact. I am certain they always had my best interests in mind. Mark is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and personable. Always calm and level-headed, especially when I was not. In short, I highly recommend Mark and his staff. I was very pleased with the outcomes of my cases, and in every interaction with Mark and his office.

A skilled and effective divorce lawyer
Mark Williamson was my second divorce lawyer. My first Attorney took my money and filed for divorce. The next six months he did nothing. I went repeatedly to his office asking him to make my ex-husband leave the house and to make my ex-husband give me money for house expenses. He then asked for more money and said if I did not like the way he was taken care of things go find another attorney.
I interview three lawyers. I choose Mark. He took my ex-husband to court, got him out of the house, money in my account, and my ex-husband payed for the divorce. He did this in one month.
I put my trust in Mark William and it payed off. He looked out for me. If I re-marry, I will have Mark William draw up my Prenuptial Agreement.

Eva H.

A Truly Committed Professional
Mark was able to obtain custody for me in Texas against an ex-wife in Kentucky who was not properly caring for my son. A delicate matter indeed, Mark navigated the legal systems with exceptional knowledge and professionalism, always keeping me informed and protecting the childs interests. Through the challenges that any custody issue presents, Mark was always personable and empathetic to any concerns I had. Once I had obtained custody, Mark then moved me forward and made it possible for my son to be adopted into our family, thereby severing ties with inappropriate influences. There is no one I would call with a family legal issue other than Mark. I completely trust him with the affairs of my family.

Well-respected and dedicated!
Mark Williamson was referred to me by a long-time attorney friend of mine. Mark is one of those few "good" attorneys with a conscious, morals, and decency. However, when that "bad"attorney attitude is needed, he is well-prepared to deliver with a fearless and educated vengence!
Mark afforded me qualitiy time and did not nickel and dime me for every question or conversation.His staff is pleasant and compassionate and willing to help in whatever way they can.
Good job!

Excellent lawyer, got the job done
I hired Mark on the recommendation of a friend for a divorce case. He was empathetic, but also very knowledgeable and interested in getting a fair settlement for me. He actually got me more than I asked for. Mark and his staff--Jaime, his paralegal, and Lisa--were kind, courteous and very professional; they were also wonderful at calming me down during a very stressful situation. I would highly recommend Mark Williamson for anybody going through a divorce.

Satisfied Customer
Mark Williamson is an outstanding attorney, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone. He was always professional, and handled my case with care the entire way.

Greg F.

A real advocate
Knows his stuff, excellent in the court room, and can hold his own (and out do) even the "superstar" attorneys. In fact, a client I referred to him in a divorce proceeding said that in the court room attorney Williamson was very adept against his spouse's high priced attorney, and was very pleased. I echo that from the times I have used his services. That is why any time someone needs an attorney in Dallas I recommend they start with him.


Great Legal Assistance from a true Professional.
Very professional, knowledgeable, and effective. Would recommend to friends, family, and colleagues. Kept me very well informed throughout the entire legal process. Very satisfied with the services provided and the out come of my case.

Thank you for giving me back peace of mind!
I was referred to Mr. Williamson by a mutual acquaintance and from the very first meeting I felt we were in good hands! Mr. Williamson took care of the matter at hand arriving at a better than anticipated resolution. His knowledge and expertise in and out the court room are outstanding. Personally, I was most impressed with the high level of understanding and sensitivity afforded to me and my family as we went through this emotionally charged situation …you cannot put a dollar sign on that! It’s been a pleasure working with Mr. Williamson and his team. Thank you.

Alma C.

Mr. Williamson is a highly intelligent professional who knows the balance between when to be forceful and when to be patient. He understands the needs of his cIients and knows the Dallas courts. I trust him completely and would definately recommend him.

If you have questions, we have answers.
Mark Rush Williamson
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