Family related issues can be complex, and the law is constantly changing. You need an attorney with experience and extensive legal knowledge. Our attorneys can represent you both in and out of the courtroom.

  • A professional in our corner
    Mark was straight forward and understanding of our position. He listened to our wishes and provided guidance by explaining that some things we desired would be out of the scope of this particular encounter in the court house. His integrity during this exercise was unparalleled and was evident in the courtroom proceedings and his interaction among the court personnel. Mark's tact in the courtroom was outstanding and while not belittling our opponent he provided the proper amount of force to prove our points and prevail in our case. He was the answer to our prayers

  • Best Attorney Ever !
    Mark is a tremendous lawyer, he was very understanding, compassionate and helpful to me and my family for which i am forever grateful. He listened to our wishes and helped us with all of our issues. I highly recomend Mark, he is the best lawyer ever !

    • Frehiwot
  • The BEST Matrimonial Attorney!
    This was the best money I ever spent. I had non-marital assets to protect and Mark knew how to finesse the situation at every turn to make sure they were "off the table". It was obvious that he is well-respected by his peers, judges and mediators. He demonstrated nothing but the highest ethical standards throughout the process and has true empathy for his clients. He is great at reading people and sizing them up. He helps you stay objective and focused at a time when it is very easy to get lost in a very emotional process. If you need to hire a divorce lawyer, hire Mark before the other side gets him first!

    • Carrie
  • Excellent Results
    Mark was a great lawyer and I'm very glad I retained him. He had my best interest in mind all the way and fought for mine/my son's rights during my custody battle. He was a fantastic negotiator when it was necessary, fair but strong. He also was mindful on the cost involved in a legal suit and didn't try to drag out the process where it wasn't absolutely necessary.
    Mark was referred to me by a close friend whom he has represented the past 10 years. I would in-turn recommend Mark to any one of my close friends or family who needed a trusted resource to fight for their rights.

    • Elizabeth
  • Mark Williamson is a highly skilled yet compassionate family law attorney. He gives his clients 110 percent.
    Mark Williamson is an attorney with integrity and complete dedication to his clients. He makes certain he understands his client's situation then takes swift and aggressive action on behalf of his client. He is professional, creative, possesses a deep understanding of the law, communicates effectively and frequently, listens, and guides his client through a most painful and stressful period. I felt protected during my entire divorce process, and Mark earned my complete trust. He is highly respected in his field, and that respect is well earned.

    • Diane
  • Excellent lawyer in the Dallas area
    I was hesitant at first but this was some of the best money I have ever spent. Mark is an excellent attorney and I can’t say enough about his paralegal Monica. At our first meeting Mark actually told me that my case was not difficult and that I would probably do fine with a less experienced and possibly less expensive attorney. Wow, an attorney looking out for by best interest before I even hired him! I hired him anyway and so glad I did. My case did not involve any children but did involve three businesses and let’s just says some financial and emotional challenges. Mark was excellent in making sure things were kept in perspective and that certain things were keep out of the negotiations. From our first introduction through the conclusion of my case, Mark listened and guided me thru the entire process. It was obvious that once we got to court he was well respected. He is very tough when it is time to be tough, but calm when the emotions get high. Monica, his paralegal, is awesome. She keeps things well organized during all the chaos. She continued to remind me to try and keep my emotions out of it (which was difficult at times) and just focus on the tasks at hand. The team was worth every penny.

    • John

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